The SeedCulture 'Sustainability Sprint'

Are you looking to quickly get your team up to speed on sustainability? Our Sprint program is a fun, streamlined way to elevate your team's sustainability literacy.
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How It Works

A SeedCulture Sprint focuses on a specific sustainability topic from our library of bite-sized training modules and action missions. Over three months, your people gain access to a dedicated team deployment, designed for rapid learning and immediate impact.


Your team will go through gamified, interactive sustainability training. Depending on the focus of your Sprint, topics can range from net zero to biodiversity and human rights strategies.


Connect your team members through discussions and a social feed to drive collaboration. Empower your team to identify and explore sustainability risks and opportunities relating to your business.


Nudge your team to adopt sustainable behaviours through our action 'missions' designed to bring the content into the real world and help them apply a mindset of sustainability to their day-to-day roles.

The Sustainability Sprint

£40 per person*
  • 3-month access for your team to one topic within our library of highly engaging, self-paced sustainability training and action 'missions'
  • Dedicated team environment (including your logo and dedicated team discussion + activity feeds)
  • 12 sustainability course topics to choose from (one course typically consists of 5-8 micro-learning modules and takes 2 hours to complete)
  • Customised certificates of completion for each team member that completes the training, plus 1 tree planted per person via our partners at Ecologi
  • Includes a short carbon footprint calculator to help your team members understand their impact
  • Custom report on your team's results, including quiz results, engagement, and carbon impact
*Minimum of 5 individuals per team, scale discounts for teams of more than 25 people.
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The Sustainability sprint workshop (OPTIONAL)

Want to take your Sustainability Sprint to the next level?

After completing the Sprint program, our sustainability experts will run a 2-hour collaborative workshop with your team members.

In this interactive Zoom session, we will help your people to apply their learnings to your business, capturing ideas and input to contribute to your sustainability strategy. These insights will be packaged for you in a report, alongside your Sustainability Sprint results.
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Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions.
Who is a Sustainability Sprint suited to?

Our content has been designed to upskill and engage employees from all job functions and levels, to help build foundational knowledge and awareness. A Sprint is a great way to fast-track your team's understanding of a specific sustainability topic.

Our platform has also been deployed to students, suppliers, and other communities - it's very adaptable like that! We will work with you as part of our onboarding process to ensure the content is suitable for your needs.

How does this differ from your full product?

Think of the Climate Sprint as a 'taster' of our full platform, which includes access to all of our sustainability topics, including:
•Sustainability Foundations
•Climate Change
•Living Sustainably
•Circular Economy
•Human Rights
•Nature and Biodiversity
•Sustainable Procurement
•Sustainable Design
•Marketing and Communicating Sustainability
•Sustainable Finance
•Change Management for Sustainability

The full SeedCulture platform also includes additional features such as advanced team leader reporting, a strategy dashboard to display and connect employee journeys to your sustainability strategy, department-specific learning and action journeys, and more.

Both the Climate Sprint and our full platform are compatible with mobile and desktop devices.

Can I see the content before I sign my team up?

Yes - get in touch with us to access our Trial Team account and view the content in a Sustainability Sprint.

I'm not in the UK. Can I sign up my team?

Absolutely! Our library of content has been developed with a global audience in mind. We've had customers all over the world use our product.

Can I deploy this to my suppliers/customers/community members?

You sure can! We can set up a Sustainability Sprint, or alternatively a full deployment of our platform, for any team or sub-team in your ecosystem; this is a great way to signal to them that sustainability is important to you. We can even customise the modules and missions for you, if you'd like to focus them on specific initiatives you're running.

Is it self-paced?

Yes. We find that this makes it more accessible for business leaders and team members to engage with sustainability, making it easier for you to generate team-wide buy-in for your sustainability mission. You can pair the Sprint with in-person or virtual workshops to generate extra momentum.

Why Run a Sustainability Sprint?

Scale Sustainability Competency

Build a baseline of sustainability literacy across your team. Know your people are on the same page and empower them to identify sustainability risks and opportunities in your business.

Engage Your Workforce

Upskill and engage your people on sustainability, in a fun and collaborative way. Surface your sustainability champions while empowering folks to take action in their own lives.

Cut Carbon & Costs

People with a high carbon literacy are 3x more likely to be actively making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Not just that, but we help bridge the gap between knowledge and impact, through participation in action missions.

What Are SeedCulture Customers Saying?

"SeedCulture has been a great way to continue to grow sustainability awareness amongst our team. The modules explain complex sustainability concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand way that makes sustainability education accessible to a general audience."

Sustainability Committee Member
Large FMCG Company

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"SeedCulture’s interactive platform is engaging, relevant and robust. Modules strike the appropriate balance between fast-paced and informative - and most importantly, users can see how their actions might contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal agenda.

This social, gamified tool sparks a vibrant community in which users share insights and successes. It's not just a learning tool; it's a catalyst for genuine change."

Christina Bartholomew
Co-Founder and Team Leader, Stories Evolved

"I highly recommend SeedCulture to companies wishing to foster sustainability awareness, attitudes and action amongst staff to support their broader sustainability goals."

Ryan Assiu
Director and Principal Environmental Consultant, Advisors Next Door

"SeedCulture provides the latest sustainability learning materials in an appealing and accessible manner, which means that they can reach the whole organisation quickly and efficiently. SeedCulture's platform brings this to life while allowing staff to bring their values to work."

Julian Crawford
Former President, International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP)

"SeedCulture’s tool is more than just sustainability awareness and training. It’s about practical applications of the content to day-to-day business challenges and opportunities."

Gavin Miller
Sustainability Team Leader

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