About Us

We Believe that Sustainability should be Embedded into Every
Business, Role and Function

As more organisations make ambitious sustainability pledges, they’re realising the importance of an engaged (and aligned!) workforce in meeting and promoting these commitments. The problem is that most employees lack foundational sustainability knowledge, and often struggle to connect the dots between what their company has committed to, why it’s important, and how they can be involved.

The Vision

Our vision is a world where sustainability is part of everybody’s job. As the world realises the importance of transitioning to more sustainable systems, we need people across every business department, every role, every region, and every experience level, engaged and working on sustainability solutions. Our mission is to upskill, engage, and empower people and teams in their sustainability journeys.

Snowy mountain peaks with a blue/green sky.

Our Values

Big Vision, Down to Earth

We 'think big' about the future we want - and we're not afraid to think outside the box to bring this world to life. But we're also grounded in pragmatism, data, and the needs of our customers. We're serious about impact; but don't take ourselves too seriously!

Unapologetically Authentic

We bring our true selves to work and place integrity at the heart of everything we do. We tell it like it is, while respecting each others’ voices and opinions.

Raise The Bar

Good is good, but better is better. We push ourselves and each other to do better, knowing that big problems need transformative solutions. We also know that ideas and ideals alone won't create change, so we have a bias for action; even when it's not perfect.

Always Learning

We are curious and committed to continuous improvement; as individuals, and as a company. We work hard to surface the ground truth, while remaining adaptable in the face of change. We're intellectually honest and accountable for our impacts.

Deeply Connected

We are connected to each other and the world around us. We work collaboratively to solve problems; we build bridges. We seek out diverse perspectives and listen actively to others, knowing that our differences are what make us stronger.

Founding Team

Want to Join Our Team?

We’re always on the lookout for driven individuals that share our vision and values. Reach out to us at info@seedculture.com to enquire about our current job openings.

Interested in writing a story about SeedCulture?

We'd love to speak with you about the work we're doing to scale sustainability awareness & action across the workforce. You can reach us here: press@seedculture.com